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TOGAF 9.2® Certification Training

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TOGAF 9.2® Certification Training

Agility and Architecture are two wheels that makes an organization move ahead when in balance. What is the right balance to have them work for your organization? How can you balance it and at the same time achieve business results, transformations and even simple align your organization goals in the right direction.

Course Takeaways:

You will be able to mix agility and know how architecture relates to it. Very useful for a solution architect, enterprise architect as you move along your career path and how to apply TOGAF 9.2® EA framework in practice. Practical knowledge of TOGAF 9.2® and help you with clearing the TOGAF 9.2® Certification and become a TOGAF 9.2® Certified Architect. A case study will run through the course which will help get the practical side of using and tailoring TOGAF 9.2® for your organization.

Course Highlights:

A case study will be running throughout the course to co relate the concepts with real life examples, interspersed with puzzles , crosswords and quizzes apart from time boxed activity sessions to reiterate the learning during the sessions and make way for enhanced learning experience.




All IT professionals who aspire to learn / master the industry recognized and proven TOGAF 9 Framework at the Advanced level.

About the Examination:

Exam vouchers are provided and the exam can only be taken at Prometric test Centers.

About the Examination: There are three ways of appearing for the exam. The exam is a proctored exam. A proctor needs to be registered prior to taking the exam. Exam vouchers are provided and the exam can only be taken at Prometric test centers.

Level 1 Exam (details):

The exam is in closed-book format, and includes 40 multiple-choice questions. The pass score is 55% (22 out of 40 questions). The exam lasts for 60 minutes and can be taken at any of the Prometric test centers.

Level 2 Exam (details):

The exam is in open-book format, and includes 8 complex multiple-choice, scenario-based questions. The pass score is 60% (5 out of 8 questions). The exam lasts for 90 minutes and can be taken at through Prometric test centers.

Level 1 and 2 Combination Exam (details):

This examination consists of two separate sections. The TOGAF 9 Part 1 is CLOSED Book. The TOGAF 9 Part 2, Section 2 is OPEN book. (Note at Prometric test centers an electronic copy (pdf) of the specification is built into the test and becomes available in Part 2 only).

Time limit: 150 Minutes total. Each section has a maximum time limit as follows: 60 Minutes on TOGAF 9 Part 1 and 90 Minutes on TOGAF 9 Part 2. Once you complete the TOGAF 9, Part 1 section, you cannot return to it.

* “TOGAF 9.2 ® Accredited course offered in joint partnership with THE OPEN GROUP Member”

Who Should Attend?

Module Leads, Business analysts, Project Managers, Managers working on enterprise architecture projects, Business Leaders in transformational roles, IT Architects, Solution Architects Integration folks in client facing roles, IT professionals wanting to become IT, Software and Enterprise Architects.

High Level Course Outline

  1. Enterprise Architecture and Agility
  2. Role of Business Architecture and
  3. TOGAF 9.2 Tools and Techniques
  4. TOGAF with other frameworks
  5. TOGAF 9.2 Customization to your organization needs.
  6. Become TOGAF Certified Practioner (examples from the industry)
  7. Applying TOGAF Content Metamodel to classify organization artifacts.
  8. Concept of Architecture Governance and managing your Enterprise
  9. Architecture Partioning and its uses in managing large portfolio projects
  10. ADM and how architecture is iterated and developed.
  11. Security and SOA and using ADM to iterate through the concerns
  12. TOGAF 9.2 and Real World Application
  13. Mock exams and Class Tests

Detailed Outline

Workshop Objective: Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF for its practical application.

  1. How to align the business and IT aspects of your organization together?
  2. Understand TOGAF 9.2 and how it can be tailored for an Organization.
  3. Architecture Partioning and Integration of the building blocks back
  4. How to go from strategy to execution when posed with having to find a solution to a customer problem?
  5. Basics of Architecture Frameworks (Zachman / Togaf) and how to apply them.
  6. How to dive deep from Enterprise Architecture to Solution Architecture.
  7. Architecture and Design how to apply them to practical scenarios.
  8. Solution Architecture and how to custom tailor solutions based on customer needs.
  9. Requirements Prioritization for an Architect.
  10. Agility and an Architect. How much architecture is just needed for the hour and how much later?
  11. TOGAF Terminology and how to tailor it for your context.
  12. Knowledge Management, Architecture reuse and the architecture repository.
  13. Project Management essentials for an Architect…
  14. Architecture Maturity Models and how to apply them to an Organization.


Module No. Module Description
Module1 Overview Of the Course
Module 2 EA Introduction
Module 3 TOGAF 9.2 Introduction
Module 4 Introduction to ADM heart of the Organisation.


Module No. Module Description
Module 5 Adapting ADM to your Organization
Module 6 Preliminary Phase Activities in Togaf 9.2
Module 7 Architecture Vision and Business Scenarios Technique
Module 8 Establish Architecture Principles in TOGAF 9.2
Module 9 Architecture Patterns and Reuse
Module 10s Security and TOGAF ADM 9.2


Module No. Module Description
Module 11 Boundary Less Information Flow -SOA and TOGAF 9.2
Module 12 Building Blocks – Enterprise Continuum and Architecture Repository
Module 13 Metamodel in TOGAF9.2 and Architecture Content Framework
Module 14 Business Architecture Artifacts
Module 15 Information Architecture Artifacts ( Data and Application )
Module 16 Technology Phase Artifacts


Module No Module Description
Module 17  Stakeholder Management / Risk Management / Business  Transformation Readiness
Module 18  Capability Planning Iteration in TOGAF 9.2
Module 19  Architecture Governance / Change management – TOGAF  9.2 – Change management
Module 20  Transition planning iteration in TOGAF 9.2 – ( Gap Analysis technique) Opportunities

and Solutions

Module 21  Enterprise Architect in TOGAF 9.2
Module 22  TOGAF 9.2 Certification Exam – What is Involved? – MOCK EXAMS
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TOGAF 9.2® Certification Training

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