Design Thinking helps solve wicked problems and is the best tool to handle ambiguous situations. Design is not how it looks like but how it works. It can be described as a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.

It is a method of problem-solving strategy wherein the data collected is expressed visually in order to create new strategies, ways and methods to solve problems, create opportunities or strengthen weaknesses and innovative business solutions.

QAI’s senior consultants with years of industry experience use qualitative and quantitative approaches to identify opportunities for growth within organizations to help leaders translate growth strategies and business objectives into actionable plans.


What will you learn?

  • Emerging decision makers build their expertise in this workshop with specific design tools and methods as well as understand the end to end human centered framework.
  • Uncover opportunities and hidden potential in your organization.
  • Learn the framework that helps build digital ecosystems
  • Align various stakeholders and leaders towards a single purpose
  • Create real business impact over sustained periods of time
  • Create a culture of design and empathy in your organization
  • Understand tools and techniques that are shaping the world today

1) Importance of Design and What is Design Thinking:
Importance of design in today’s economy; Design Thinking Principles; What is meant by a “digital experience.

2) Writing the Problem Statement

Technique to identify and write the right problem statement

3) Understanding Stakeholders and Users

Business Goals and priorities, Vision Statement; Techniques to understand digital behaviour of consumers

4) Personas, Empathy Maps

Deriving Insights, Segmentation, and Techniques to create Persona and Empathy of Users

5) Current Scenarios to identify pain points

Current Journeys of personas and prioritization of focus areas

6) Ideation and Prioritization

Ideation tools and techniques

 7) Psychology based design

Principles of Psychology based design to create meaningful digital interactions

8) Future Scenarios and Moments of Max Impact

Visualize the future state and prioritize the “moments”

9) Prototyping

The goals of prototyping; Designing Prototypes

There is no eligibility criteria set for the course. But it is essential to come with an open mind and be OK with ambiguity.

1) Are there any pre-requisites or eligibility criteria?

Ans: There is no eligibility criteria set for the course. But it is essential to come with an open mind and be OK with ambiguity.
2) What are the requirements for the workshop?

Ans: Laptop is desirable to have but not mandatory. There are no other requirements – software or otherwise.

3) What is the duration of the course?

Ans:  2 days (8 hours each day)

4)What will be the mode of training?

Ans: Case studies, detailed presentations in classroom, Individual and group exercises and games, field research.

5)What is the training fee?

Ans: Single registration: Rs. 30,000 plus tax
Get 10% off on a group of 4 or more participants

6)What is the venue of Bangalore?

Ans: The Park Plaza
Sy #90/4 Marathahalli,
Outer Ring Road, Munnekollalu Village,
Bangalore 560037 | India

7)What is the venue of Delhi NCR?

Ans: Holiday Inn New Delhi International Airport
Asset Area 12, Hospitality District
Aero City, Delhi International Airport
New Delhi – 110037, India

The Design Thinking for Digital Experiences workshop is a part of Design Thinking Workshops organised by QAI in Delhi and Bangalore. The workshops are conducted by Sudhindra V.
Sudhindra V, till recently was the Chief Design Officer for IBM India. He is QAI’s designer in residence and the Founder and CEO of the new age design studio, Design Unbounded. He is the author of the book “Design Chronicles – Design is an attitude” and has conducted 100+ workshops mostly involving senior leaders including C level folks from various organisations.

In the field for over 18 years, he has been recognized for his work through awards including ‘Most Innovative Product’ by National Infocomm Awards in Singapore, a ‘Blue Elephant’ at Kyoorius, category best in Interactive Media Awards and Internet Advertising Awards.

He is an active Interaction Design Association (IxDA) volunteer and was till recently the Regional Co-ordinator for IxDA Asia. He is a recognised Thought Leader in Design Thinking and is regularly seen sharing his thoughts over articles or as a speaker in conferences and to many start ups as an advisor.

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