Q-Glue is proud to announce the first edition of its How “To Innovate” Conference – Corporate Innovation Now ( CIN 2020).

As you know, many businesses have adopted innovation as an armor to future-proof their businesses. However, the fragile transition of innovation from idea to implementation has left many stranded.

To achieve meaningful and effective innovation, organizations should focus on being design-led, and learn the know-how. And innovation must move beyond a singular practitioner, practice, lab or title. In fact, design led innovation must transcend to become a way of work across silos and become the deciding factor in strategy and execution.

It is with this goal in mind we are announcing our winter edition of Corporate Innovation Now (CIN 2020) conference. The conference focuses on “the know-how, and the how to” for enabling Innovation in a design led, and a human centered manner.

You can reserve your seat by purchasing a pass as per your preference. Special discounts apply for group nominations as stated below: Read more on our website. https://q-glue.com/cin.