Collaborate with QAI/QAI’s Partner Program:

Over a period of 30 years, QAI has built a diverse portfolio of Training services and Consulting solutions across multiple industries with presence in 40+ Countries. By associating with QAI you will get a pool of training’s to cater to your client needs and enhance your course/delivery portfolio.

QAI will also help you build your delivery capability with QAI’s Train the Trainer program.

For further information on the ATP program, please view:

QAI Provides :
• Pool of 200+ training to choose from
• Pre training and post training support
• Operational support during training (Only in India)
• Globally accredited course material for delivery
• Pool of Internationally certified trainers for delivery of trainings


Types of Partnerships:
1) Affiliate Partner (For Individuals):
-As an affiliate, get us a customer and get fixed percentage of amount paid as incentives/commission.
*Amount will be paid only after the service is delivered to the customer.
*Percentage of incentive/commission will be fixed and will be agreed and updated in the contract.

2) Reseller Partner (For Corporate):
– Market QAI courses in your website and get access to 200+ courses to offer in your training portfolio.
*Per nomination charge will be paid as per the transfer price agreed in the contract.
*Certificate of participation will be issued by “QAI” or “ATP” as agreed contract.

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